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  • If possible, please upload an image that's at least 1200px wide and 1000px tall.

Please note that the fundraising website is denominated in US Dollars, not Euros! Also, PayPal charges a fee of 30 cents plus 2.2% per donation, so please account for that in your fundraiser: you’ll need to raise about 3% more than what you need to cover your costs. The money collected will be transferred to the Ziji Collective PayPal account, and then that money will be transferred to you, minus the registration payment. We are not charging any additional fees for this service, so this is a less expensive alternative than Offering Bowl or GoFundMe.

We’ve started a “best practices” Google Doc, with a few helpful tips for those of you who may be doing this for the first time. For those of you with experience in online fundraising, please add your tips to this document! We hope that it grows and can become a repository of our collective wisdom:

For more information on how to utilize our fundraising platform, watch this video by Ziji Collective Co-Chair Corey Adkins!