Samantha Solomon

Karmé Chöling in Barnet, VT

I’m searching for a purpose in life. I’m sure you can relate to that. I’m not looking for what will make me happy, though. I’ve tried that and found it to be empty. My own surface-level happiness is not enough when it is the condition of turning away from all the pain and suffering in the world. So, I’ve decided to try and be with it. That is why I moved to meditation retreat center, to practice being with it. I’m told by the teachers here that only by being fully with my own pain — caused by hearing that another black man was shot without cause, or that the ocean is full of plastic, or that a rape victim is asked how they were dressed — can I take wise and helpful action. How can I use the advantages that I have to help in a real way?

That is why I am attending the Ziji Collective International Summit in Berlin: to figure out how I can take the skills and understanding I have gained from practicing meditation and put it into constructively helping others.

I plan on leaving Karmê Chöling within the next year and returning to Baltimore. When I do, I want to step onto a path and, hopefully, a job where I can work to ease the suffering of others directly and bring kindness to the city I love. I hope my time at the Ziji Summit will provide me with inspiration, tools, and connections to do that. I am asking for your support and help to attend the retreat by collecting donations for the cost of my flight and registration for the summit. Your donations will help to make my journey possible. They will also help to ease my entry back into Baltimore by reserving my personal savings for that transition.

What is the Summit?
The Ziji Collective International Summit is a global gathering of young adults (20s and 30s) who share the vision and inspiration of basic goodness: the idea that human beings and society are fundamentally good. By gathering with a diverse group of energized people who share our vision, we are inspired to carry this vision into our lives and societies so we can transform our world. Coming together we find space to listen and share, learn and inspire, through a culture of inclusivity and presence. We will practice meditation and collectively explore how to help each other with the work that we are doing in our communities and the world.

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