Dechen Choling Youth Warriors

Dechen Choling, France

Hello! We are Sjur, Angela, Simone, Esther, Simon, Bart and Arean. We attended the recent Shambhala youth retreat and we feel so inspired by everything that’s going on within the youth community of Shambhala.

We really feel that there is a momentum building and we want to connect with our fellow warriors to find ways of influencing the culture of our society towards one of honesty, courage and basic goodness. Our vision is to work together in creating a society that values the vulnerability to feel what you feel, being who you are and then engaging one-to-one from that place of openness and confidence in your basic goodness.

We are planning to travel to the Summit together and are hoping to find cheap or free accomodation. So all we are asking for is some help with the program costs and perhaps some money towards food. We would be so grateful for any donations you can provide and we really believe that with your help, we can make a difference in our world.

At the youth retreat banquet Arean made a speech that reflects our motivation for going to the summit. Here are two fragments that resonate well with us:

“We were all in this together this week. We were all one, with our wild unpredictable hearts catching flame, beating in unity, and with nourished souls, strenghtened by our meditation practice, and streghtened in their belief of the possibilities of humanity, awakening to an enlightened society. We have hopefully all taken yet another leap forward in our awakening, and in discovering our true potential by connecting to our basic goodness. And hopefully we have shaken off a little bit of that mud around our diamand that our teacher Orhun mentioned in his talk. (…)
As we are looking forward to the times ahead, and as we travel back to our homes and our living environments, we realise that these living environments are nowadays not always considered safe anymore. There has been a lot of darkness barging into Europe lately, with terrorists attacks happening more frequently in the countries that we once considered to be safe heavens of modern society. Today, I read a quote that said : “All the darkness of the world cannot put out the light of a single candle”. So, let’s be candles, radiating compassion as we head home to our various countries and the challenges that our society offers. Be sweet and brave, as Doug mentioned, and try to be that beacon of light and goodness for others. Shine! And let’s be passionate, since Orhun says it is the only emotion that has escaped the control of our ego.
I wish all you safe travels tomorrow and all the blessings in the times ahead. I want to say goodbye with something the Maya people used to say In’Lakesh – I am another you”

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