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Gampo Abbey

I had heard about the Ziji Collective and what they were doing around San Francisco, so I went to attend the Global Summit in 2014. The sense I got from being a part of the community was exhilarating, and the people I met (from all over the world!) are amazing. I went home and started a Social Meditation group with Nashville Shambhala, working to create some amount of that experience within our sangha. I am still employing things I learned at that summit in my everyday life now.

In 2015 I also attended the summit in Mexico City, which opened my eyes to new worlds and experiences. This time around, I met people that I could have never met any other way, who inspire me and teach me constantly.

This year, I am very proud to attend the summit from my current life as a resident of Gampo Abbey. It will be good to participate in the program, to explore ways that the abbey can work with groups and communities to expand its role throughout the Shambhala mandala and the world, and to share my own experiences within the Shambhala Monastic Order.

Any funds I raise will go toward my air travel and lodging costs.

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