Portland Shambhala Center Year-End Fundraising Campaign

Financial donations to the Portland Shambhala Center support all that we offer, allowing us to work towards the vision of creating a good human society on this earth.  Your support is deeply appreciated.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Social Meditation Southeast US Tour

Next month, Nashville Shambhala and Nashville Ziji will be supporting an unprecedented tour for hosting Social Meditation around the southeastern United States, led by Shastri Nick Kranz. Social Meditation is a group practice that facilitates creating a culture of nowness, by bringing the wisdom of meditation into the vibrancy of social interaction. Between March 3-12, […]

Jesse Sand

Hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I’m Jesse, and this is me rattling my cup for donations. I hope you like the sound. Now, on with the resume. I’m an Electrician that’s managed to squeeze in some schooling, in both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. Working with my hands seems to suit […]

London Ziji

Feeling sad because our world – despite it’s imaginary and dreamlike qualities – is falling apart, and seeing the evidence all around us that many beings are tormented by their self clinging, we are encouraged by the vision of Shambhala warriorship that all is not yet lost and that it is time to actually do […]

Champa Cholu / Court Donner

I had heard about the Ziji Collective and what they were doing around San Francisco, so I went to attend the Global Summit in 2014. The sense I got from being a part of the community was exhilarating, and the people I met (from all over the world!) are amazing. I went home and started […]

Dechen Choling Youth Warriors

Hello! We are Sjur, Angela, Simone, Esther, Simon, Bart and Arean. We attended the recent Shambhala youth retreat and we feel so inspired by everything that’s going on within the youth community of Shambhala. We really feel that there is a momentum building and we want to connect with our fellow warriors to find ways […]

Samantha Solomon

I’m searching for a purpose in life. I’m sure you can relate to that. I’m not looking for what will make me happy, though. I’ve tried that and found it to be empty. My own surface-level happiness is not enough when it is the condition of turning away from all the pain and suffering in […]

Annica Crouse

I moved to Tacoma, Washington three years ago and since then have become an active member of the Seattle Shambhala sangha. After attending the International Ziji Collective Summit in May 2014, I was inspired to become more involved in the movement and joined the Ziji Collective Communications / Website team. With the help, support and […]