Aubrey Kremer

Nashville, Tennessee

I am humbly asking for your help to fund part of my trip to France this summer to attend the Ziji Gar. I will be in Croatia for a family wedding beforehand and am excited to be traveling to France in July to attend my first Ziji Gar!

In case you’re wondering, Ziji is a Tibetan word meaning ‘bright confidence’, and gar is a Tibetan word meaning ‘encampment’. At the Ziji Gar we will participate in building a camp that we will live in for 9 days. We will participate in social meditation, participant-led workshops, dharma talks, music, and yoga.

The Gar’s emphasis is on “combining inner work with actively trying to help our world through social activism and in other skillful and gentle ways”.

I am beyond excited to be participating in the Gar! It will give me the opportunity to become a more sustainable person, emotionally and environmentally.

The Gar’s focus on social meditation gives me the chance to expand my experience with social meditation and become a more knowledgeable facilitator! I want to further my education in Social Meditation because it makes me feel like I can contribute to the world. My goal is that through experience from the Ziji Gar I not only embody the values but become an ambassador of the Ziji Collective.

Social Meditation has allowed me to bring space and authenticity into the world. When stressful situations arise and life happens, the practice of Social Meditation has provided me with the skills to create an uplifting growth experience for everyone.

Attending the Ziji Gar in France will also be an awesome influence as I help organize the Ziji Summit in Nashville later this November.

“We have been given the task of becoming architects of a new civilization. We are actually being asked to contribute to how the world is going to be. Do we want it to be based upon aggression?” – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Cost breakdown:
Ziji Gar
$115 Plane ticket from Croatia to France
$385 registration

Progress: $275/$500 received


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Donation Total: $10