Annica Crouse

Tacoma, Washington

I moved to Tacoma, Washington three years ago and since then have become an active member of the Seattle Shambhala sangha. After attending the International Ziji Collective Summit in May 2014, I was inspired to become more involved in the movement and joined the Ziji Collective Communications / Website team. With the help, support and advice of other Ziji Leaders, I began to co-organize Seattle Ziji Young Meditators’ Group at the Seattle Shambhala Center this past January. We are still a small group, and we certainly have a lot to learn from the greater Ziji Collective!

Every time I have interacted with the Ziji Collective on an international or multi-group level I have been amazed at the incredible dedication and genuineness that is present. I am excited to attend the 2016 Summit and hope to learn from the cumulative experience of our groups. I hope to bring back knowledge and inspiration to strengthen my practice and do greater work in my local sangha and Ziji Group. I also hope that my participation and inspiration can also contribute to supporting Ziji Collective International in its continuing journey.

I am able to pay for my lodging and program fees, but the airfare from Washington to Berlin averages around $1000 USD. Any assistance that you can provide to help me make this possible will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your continuing support!

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